Chignahuapan is the place “on the nine eyes of water” and is a city located north of the Mexican state of Puebla.

Recognized as a Magical Town for its fascinating history, largely legends, as well as its incomparable beauty, in which the mist descends from the Sierra granting unique landscapes.

What to do in Chignahuapan

Like many of the Magical Towns of Puebla, Chignahuapan is of historical importance due to the influence exerted by Hernan Cortés during the Spanish Conquest. It is also possible to admire iconic cultural and natural sites during your visit to Chignahuapan.

Main Square

A walk through the main square of Chignahuapan will allow you to contemplate a colorful Mudejar-style kiosk built at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, it is the only kiosk built with wood and which has a fountain under it.

Hot Springs Spa

Surrounded by lush vegetation, these thermal baths have a good reputation for their therapeutic properties. Its waters come from a spring that sprout at an approximate temperature of 50 ºC.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

This contemporary church offers one of the most important religious monuments in Puebla. Inside you can see a sculpture of the Virgin Mary, carved in cedar wood, the work of the poblano sculptor José Luis Silva.

Church of the Honguito

This church is not of great historical relevance, however, in its interior a petrified mushroom is protected, in which, some people have assured to see several regal images. This church was built in the same place where the fungus was found.

Chignahuapan Lagoon

In this lagoon it is possible to perform various activities among nature, including fishing, boating or swimming in its refreshing waters.

The Quetzalapa Jump

One of the most frequented places by adventurous travelers. Here it is possible to practice rappelling or simply contemplate the waterfall in this waterfall, considered one of the highest in Puebla.

Casa del Axolote

La Casa del Axolote is an aquarium museum dedicated to the study and preservation of ecology. In addition, it also offers a showroom dedicated to the axolotl.

Attractions in Chignahuapan

  • See the beauty of the Cuautelolulco Dam or practice fishing in its lake
  • Take a walk through the prairies located around the Ajolotla Dam
  • Visit the city center and admire the colonial buildings, including the Parish of Santiago Apostle
  • Visit the municipal market and buy red clay crafts

Gastronomy and Culinary Tradition of Chignahuapan

In Chignahuapan it is possible to enjoy authentic dishes from Puebla such as mole, pressed pork rinds and delicious tlacoyos. You will also find delicious sweets such as soap, cheese and wine bread and fruit-based spirits that you can enjoy an appetizing meal.Walk the streets of Chignahuapan and get to know the fascinating cultural and natural wealth of this beautiful Magical Town of Puebla.