Framed by the rivers and waterfalls of the Sierra, Huauchinango is an ideal city to have fun exploring nature, to practice outdoor sports or simply to take pictures of the beautiful landscapes.

Its name comes from Nahuatl language which means “Place surrounded by trees” and was recognized as Magical Town in 2015.

What to do in Huauchinango

This city in Puebla preserves a colonial atmosphere that can be lived in every corner. Visiting the churches, as well as touring the surrounding area outdoors, is an experience that will leave you with a heartbeat.

Huauchinango Main Square

Walking in this square is a unique experience, here you can buy typical products, in a colorful atmosphere framed by the essence of azaleas and roasted peanuts.

Xopanapa Waterfall

Ideal for rappelling, various guided tours to explore nature are offered in Huauchinango.

Waterfalls of Totolapa and Salto Chico

Immerse yourself in the quiet natural pools of Totolapa and Salto Chico, a memorable and totally relaxing experience in Huauchinango, Puebla.

The Tenango Dam

In Huauchinango it is possible to enjoy a relaxed boat ride through this dam. During the tour you will breathe fresh air and you can admire the countless shades of green of the lagoon, the forests and the vegetation of the hills.

The Necaxa Dam

Practicing outdoor sports around the Necaxa Dam will allow you to admire the impeccable view of the forest, as well as keep fit during your vacations in Puebla.

Attractions in Huauchinango

  • Meet the Tizoc House near the Tenango Dam
  • Visit the viceregal churches
  • Attend the traditional Carnival in March
  • Explore the majestic wooded area around
  • Buy souvenirs for your family made of jewelry and fabrics
  • Take a tour of the hills of Madrono, Zempoaltepetl and the Foggy Hills.

Gastronomy and Culinary Tradition of Huauchinango

The cuisine of Huauchinango is the result of an eccentric combination of pre-Hispanic dishes from the Spanish Conquest. Delight your palate with male chili enchiladas, delicious chicken or pork mixiotes, the traditional mole serrano and many others.

To sweeten up your experience in Huauchinango you can also enjoy exquisite desserts with apples, guava candy, corn bread and pepitorias. The unmissable drinks in Huauchinango, include capulín wines (as in other Magical Towns of Puebla), atoles and creams.

Visit Huauchinango, Puebla and get to know the charm of the different attractions of this Magic Town. Fall in love with the vibrant atmosphere and traditional beauty.